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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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russia holds its breath for the final parliamentary election results with the ruling united russia party losing its overall majority but still coming out one of the top with a twist because an in-depth analysis coming right up. there on claims so shot down a u.s. spy drone along its eastern want to use of unmanned american aircraft the country's being seen as the latest evidence of washington's efforts to destabilize regimes beyond its influence. pressure expressed his concerns over u.s. plans to maintain military bases in afghanistan even after the twenty fourteen withdrawal as
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a conference opens today but the international community is set to decide the country's future. and in about twenty minutes they would be worth less than a dollar if it were based on the help of the greek economy find out how the very bank arrived at the conclusion in about twenty minutes. and on line with the international twenty four hours a day this is. the start of the moment of truth for russia's ruling party with almost all the votes counted in the parliamentary election united russia is to lose the majority held in the previous duma but will still stay the biggest party. by far well for more let's
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cross lines not all to serve first using the central moscow with more on this so official results are slowly starting to take shape are we expecting any major changes. well about ninety six they said of the house being counted so the election commission has actually released some of the biggest the early results now we know the figures at the as they stand at the moment united russia with just under fifty percent of the national vote the communist party just under twenty percent fair russia just around thirteen percent and the liberal democratic party eleven percent now they've actually given the numbers as well for how that could play out in the seats in the duma and it's looking at the moment like united russia could hold two hundred thirty eight seats the communist party ninety two seats there russia sixty four states and the liberal democratic party fifty six days now of course the final count for the votes still going on but you can see that the
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united russia does seem to have lost its majority in the state duma four hundred fifty seats in the day where it would have needed three hundred to get majority held three hundred fifteen for you compare the results at the moment so what we saw four years ago then they had sixty four percent of the vote so you can see the last public support there at the moment we've also got a news conference going on where the international monitors adjusting the press and telling them their results for monitoring yesterday's faten process we know the more or less if they did go ahead fairly smoothly and the feedback from the international melissa monitors i was that there were no major violations. but so what does the new do makeup mean for the united russia party that. when we saw before united russia having that majority they were able to input. so
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will the legislature pretty easily i says you got to have an impact no they don't have the majority in terms of changing the cause of teaching they'll need to get the support of the opposition party as it's already told as has been acknowledged by president and the debate if the coalition with those parties will need to be pulled together some of those decisions made. by the party has to form fairly well the party represents almost fifty percent of the population and this is the result of the democratic process but taking into account the complex making the parliament have to form coalitions with other parties over various issues and this is one power limits and democracy is only found in the leaders of other parties so that they're ready for that but. the other three other parties that didn't make that seven percent threshold in this election had one of those parties go five percent of the vote they would have got a seat in the state duma had they got between six and seven percent they would have
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got two seats in the duma but the question can stay with you blue clay with three percent around three percent of the it's a full length but now you have actually said that they're going to contest the election results we've seen from the observers from the opposition parties that were monitoring yesterday some complaints about violations by the election commission again saying that they didn't actually have that many complaints registered with the international monitors of the voted by giving their address and that feedback from their old savation in the course will keep you updated throughout the day as we get more information. indeed terrify thank you for that update. and that's the count and this is conclusion that's get more perspective on just how fair yesterday's vote really was but joined live from the essential electoral committee headquarters by a missile in a former italian and pay for venice over the six russian elections thank you for
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joining us herr on r.t. that you've been keeping a close eye on the election process here in russia what are your overall impressions well i have been extremely thank you for first i have been extremely well impressed by the organization that has been set up for this for this election is not the first time i attended as an international observer to elections and yes i had the possibility to visit not only the moscow rage and i was a few to the south i was a few to republican in the caucuses high area and i had the possibility to visit my choice a lot of several police stations where i have seen actually a lot of people waiting in line and all the procedures that we are extremely regular and i am extremely satisfied because because of the process that has been set up by the electoral college now you and your colleagues have an easy task there in the election spanning nine time zones where do you start with something like that how can you be sure that you haven't missed anything. and so i understand that
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it's not only difficult to set up an election but it's also difficult to control elections for what they have seen in the for the colleagues with the colleagues that they have talking with that we have now found irregularities as i said before and of course you have to trust the people that national service in this case that had to be freed to decide where to go to talk with you to the police station people and you to the electorate and nothing to say nothing to be heard about about the regularity of the election at least from my from my part. now we've heard a wildly differing reports from observers some praising elections smooth and transparent and others branding the whole thing something of a catastrophe what do you thing. well you you have to understand that everybody would like to maybe two to criticise on what helps i think that if someone wants to criticize have to bring some concrete proof so what they say as i said before from what it comes to me i have no found any regularity and i think of this that this is
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something that is up to international observers and from what i heard that it does not. found or proved anything to be wrong. now every election in the world has its share of mudslinging that legations of wrongdoing one way or another some might even say that raising the subject of fraud is almost a strategic electoral move these days what would you say. as i said even before if someone wants to look or to try to search for something that doesn't like it's up to the person but in this case maybe to the media that look in this for me i think that it's maybe asked for tragic of the season by some medias to try to find out something that is wrong about this is not to the case of what that what they said before about about these elections in russia. it's been said the last electoral fraud in russia is on a whole different level to other countries what's your impression i think that you can find this kind of thing in all the countries about of russia there are there is
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a lot of skepticism but they have to see that there is a for what they have seen here a lot of unknown things that in the western countries and in many other countries. i invite my colleagues and my other friends from the western countries to come here and see that russia today has finally turned it is really in a very democratic nation and this election have proved according to what i have seen and that the democratic vision of this country can be said finally computed so in your opinion that overall the collections put the elections very good elections . ok thank you very much indeed for joining us here today on r.t. thank you. but we also spoke to prime minister that in their putin's spokesman the beach of her scoff about his views of the election results he told us that while the financial crisis has taken its toll united russia still remains the country's foremost political force this result is the party to continue its politics to
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continue its line for the whole country to take a significant portion in creation of the new government and so on and so forth here has to be considered as a victory of the poor and we have to remember that this party was a ruling party in the country during a very harsh and very tough period during the last four years it was a period with. a broken arm a crisis on the part of managed to minimize the consequences of this crisis for the population certainly would not satisfy everyone in this country and its way obviously it has lost some percentage some percentage but again i repeat it proved to be the leading political power in the country but we're helping you keep your finger on the pulse of developments in the russian parliament your action is counting continues to the day we'll hear more from some of the international observers and you can track the latest figures on our web site at r.t. dot com.
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other news now iran says its forces have shot down an unmanned american spy drone in the east of the country the aircraft was recovered on the ground largely undamaged authorities have promised that operations against in shooting drones will continue and may not be limited to remain boarders american radio host and independent blogger stephen leatherman says the highly volatile situation in the region has brought the world to the edge of global war fare. this is an alkie one seventy advance stealth reconnaissance drone which what i'm hearing is said they lost it over afghanistan last week others are saying the iranians must be busily looking at this drone and what a great way of. creating technology transfer this is an incredibly serious event and it's it's against international law the united states yet again breaking
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international law with these drones it's interesting that even some neoconservatives criticizing obama saying well we're talking about nuclear facilities iran is thinking about a much bigger game and this is really about influence within the region egypt is a big loss to the united states after the fall of the u.s. back to data mubarak from the atlantic to the indian oceans and of course even greece backing some oil sanctions against syria against iran this is a case of the western media feeding loads of people the idea that these countries are isolated when in fact the world is now changing. syria has reportedly agreed to the arab the expand to open the country's doors to foreign observers it comes i mean heavy political pressure on the country remains high commission right international intervention money claims thousands of civilians have been killed
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during ten months. a series a master has warned that oversees interference with a knee deep in the crisis. professor at princeton says the arab league's position isn't the only way. the arab league has basically said that if syria doesn't accept this plan then this what paved the way for an international intervention on the way that the arab league paved the way for an international intervention and libya and we know what happened about so i think syria has drugs only acceptable stems but that does not necessarily mean that the crisis in syria will be the sole i think the recipe for the solution is going to create a bigger problem because it's going to encourage more and more. and it's going to cause more violence within syria it's going to give the impression that the syrian regime has. under the pressure of the arab league which
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is and fuck russia from nato the arab league is not about peaceful resolutions it's simply wants to topple the syrian regime and replace it with a pro-american regime still to come in the program transatlantic tempers flare up british parliament takes action with m.p.'s using a one sided extradition policy and use its citizens at sea of american justice system. now crucial conference on the future of afghanistan is taking place in germany sent home it comes i will preside over the gathering which will be attended by representatives from all over the world. is watching it all take shape in bomb. eighty eight countries are taking part seventeen international organizations and nearly a thousand delegates including some of the key political figures like u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and russia's foreign minister said this is the second such conference being held in germany the first one happened exactly ten
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years ago back then the delegates were working on the rebuilding of afghanistan we storing peace in the country building democratic institutions and so on and unfortunately ten years later some of these issues still remain and probably one of the most troubling ones is still security especially in light of the alliance's plans to start pulling its forces out in twenty fourteen it's widely believed that afghanistan on its own can provide security in other troubling factor for the local players in the region including russia is washington's plan to increase its military presence in afghanistan. also in twenty fourteen as the alliance pulls its forces out and it's really not clear how these two plans how these two ideas are going to work together with the street and ganesan in general is still very complicated the taliban threat the drug trafficking very poor living conditions for
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the locals who are also increasingly tired and often even angered by foreign military presence by just on is a very important country in the region is the key port of washington or at least it used to be it's also right there next to afghanistan and it's not taking part in this conference after an attack by the allied forces on a military post on the pakistani afghani border it's suspended the transit of supplies for the airlines through its territory this ports washington in a really difficult position since it will have to look for other partners in the region for more on the situation here's a report by my colleague. on the. supply. these are would keep a war running nato actions have put all operations in afghanistan in danger after last week's attacks that killed twenty four pakistani soldiers islamic part cut off one of the alliances major supply routes to again establish. i would like to extend
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my most sincere condolences. to pakistan washington's condolences were not enough to repeated incursions by the us military in pakistan really left no choice and also the humiliation that the pakistani military faced in front of its own soldiers and the pakistani people left no choice before the government this time but to cut off the supply line good relations between the u.s. and pakistan as unstable as ever in order to keep the warring of ghana's stand running nato relies more on its other major supply route coming from the more. here it is the northern distribution network you see all these blue lines and here is the route that pakistan shut down now the northern supply network was thought it when russia agreed to provide its territory and airspace for transit if non-lethal supplies to nato troops in afghanistan it proved to be a very reliable route more reliable than pakistan now it accounts for half of nato
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as non-lethal supplies on trucks railroads and by air supplies travel through russian territory from europe and from russia's far east all the way to afghanistan and the reliance on this route is set to expand in the last three years russia's cooperation on of ganesan as being key to nato operations that. i set down with professor michael of lee haas who stressed he was speaking in a personal capacity the u.s. has a very tenuous kind of placement. in afghanistan and it is highly vulnerable it's highly vulnerable to pakistanis but it's more vulnerable to russia i mean if russia were to withdraw its permission for us to use its rail lines we would be in a very difficult position in afghanistan the northern supply network could now be in danger because of a failure in diplomacy moscow says because washington turned down all of its
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proposals on the missile defense issue russia might have to resort to other arguments including its cooperation with nato on afghanistan. their processes which are critically important for russia which are about russia's national security one of them is nato expansion into russian borders and the fact that washington goes ahead with a robust missile shield program in europe without taking into consideration russia's concerns gives moscow the way to use any leverage it has to be heard by its partner but even the mere possibility that russia could cut off the northern supply route threatens the viability of all western operations in afghanistan nato risks leaving almost one hundred forty thousand of its troops in afghanistan without vital supplies if diplomacy doesn't win the day with pakistan it's about people there being fed up with russia its about their national security if washington does not seriously address the concerns of its partners even the best partnerships can fade i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t.
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. i think crosstalk coming off the eleven thirty g.m.t. people event in his guests discuss what ten years of from the occupation abroad in afghanistan now that withdrawal is in sight here's a preview for you. the u.s. leaves environment that's more secure than it was say a year ago two years ago that the afghan army and the afghan central government is able to exert more control than they are now which is to say that there is not a hasty withdrawal and that the gains that we just discussed have been solidified chris you want to jump in there go ahead but on real hard don't know where you get your facts and statistics from the i r i base my opinions on the united nations and according to the united nations afghanistan they still virtually on the bottom of the human development index on almost any. parameter you want to judge it things have got worse for the afghan people over the last ten years the
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infrastructure. to justify it if you're if you're metrics have to do with what you're going to nation is what increasing to or not according to the reuters poll which shows that afghanistan is the most dangerous country in the world for women. and. dozens of british m.p.'s across the political divide have united in london are staging a debate today and what they see is a one sided extradition treaty with the us drawn up in the aftermath of nine eleven as washington to demand the extradition of any u.k. citizen without proof of any crime and britain is obliged to comply with ati's either bennett reports patience is wearing thin. all take and no give that's the growing feeling in britain's parliament against america's controversial extradition
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treaty it was signed in two thousand and three in the post nine eleven tannic and makes it far easier for the u.s. to take people from the u.k. from the other way around now forty five m.p.'s from the three main parties have crossed the political divide and joined forces they finally forced a debate and a parliamentary vote and what they called an injustice was a mistake in the first place to some history i think it was a mistake it's not a level playing field even with a partner like america we need to make sure that we of being equal and we are being fair to our citizens and that is not the case of the moment britain must present evidence for any extradition but america doesn't need to a long awaited independent inquiry recently ruled this relationship was balanced but the numbers suggest otherwise one hundred twenty three people have been surrendered to america under the treaty since two thousand and four only fifty four
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have gone the other way america's ambassador to the u.k. has branded these figures myths and in accuracies where they were figures he's embassy refused to reveal he's even accused m.p.'s of willfully distorting the facts in the run up to this crunch vote in parliament that could shift the balance but m.p.'s aren't backing down joining a battle some have fought since the treaty was signed i think you know the scene how many of injustices have been caused because of it it was meant to be for terrorists offenses it wasn't meant to be for the kenya things they're using no janice's is gary mckinnon a mainstay on america's extradition wish list he was arrested ten years ago after hacking into pentagon files he says he was merely searching for u.f.o.'s gary has asperger's syndrome and according to his. the mother should be tried in the u.k. on medical grounds but america's not giving up on one of the most wanted is so
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vengeful. you think uses some open watching it is so over the top they left him one is internet three and a half years after the arrest if gary was the slightest threat that wouldn't have been done but it's very much i think he embarrassed them and because of that they were very angry at him there were nine cases currently fighting extradition to america richard o'dwyer is the latest he's wanted on copyright charges for creating a search engine for pirated content it's not even considered a crime in the u.k. but at the moment that doesn't matter the us can still get their man the coalition government promised to change this while in opposition there was their chance to deliver either bennett london. fresh updates videos and comments are always just a click away on our website at r.t. dot com let's have a look at what you can check out there right now celebration madness go posts torn
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down and crowds trampled as thousands of fans burst onto the playing field a stadium in oklahoma the joy of victory into violence. and the world war two alert six decades after it ended forty five thousand residents are evacuated from a german city as experts were to defuse two world war two bombs i see one ton or a half explosive on a small american one. time for business update with natasha. twenty five minutes past the hour welcome to the business update r.t. if the euro were based on the strength of the greek economy it would be worth less than one dollar according to spare bank the single currency is more than thirty percent overvalued when measured against greece's financial health by contrast berman says the euro is undervalued by about five percent from germany and france
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given them a competitive advantage analysts say to resolve the situation and level the playing field it would be easier to allow inflation in france and germany rather than a deflation in greece. let's now take a look at the markets oil is trading higher and speculations that tensions in the middle east will curb supplies iran says oil could reach two hundred fifty dollars a barrel if it sees more pressure and new clear program another boost is coming from europe north anyway telling prime minister mario monti could spend thirty billion euro on a sweeping austerity package. european markets opened higher on monday with banking shares in the lead the footsie is gaining less than a quarter percent the sour the dax is up a third of a percent investors are looking ahead to a meeting between french president nicolas sarkozy and german chancellor angela merkel to prepare for a key european summit later in the week. the russian markets opened lower but have
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managed to bounce back they are now trading in positive territory the r.t.s. is just a notch that my sex is out of order of a percent this hour. and now a quick look at some individual share moves on the my six most oil majors are on the rise supported by stronger crude oil gaining roughly a percent gazprom is also the company's finalize its deal to acquire bell russian gas pipeline operator bell products gods but a steel maker m.m. . is down the company has posted a fifty eight million dollars net loss for the first nine months of the year. it is the largest country in the world as home to the second biggest railway system after that of the united states but the lack of high speed trains means there railways is no alternative to fly speaking of france they had overshot railways you couldn't has invited foreign railway giants to help change the situation. we're going
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to hold a tender in building the country's first high speed rail rolled next year it's an absolutely new project for russia we foresee a lot of problems and that's why we're just incorporating with companies who know how to build and manage high speed rail ways but if we offer opportunities which are not found anywhere in the world here's a plan to build thousands of kilometers of high speed routes. and that's all we have time for in this edition of business i'll be back in about fifteen minutes join me about.
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the earth. the. last. mission the free credit case should free chris for charges free.

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